Besides having more system resources, a very good reason why you may get your own web server and use it instead of a shared hosting plan is that you'll be able to install and run a wide selection of software. With a shared account, you can use apps, which do not need root access and are not set up server-side, so when you require specific software for your sites, you cannot set it up on a shared web server. This is not the situation with a hosting server of your own where you could install anything you wish. The downside is that you may not have much experience and taking care of your own machine is more difficult that managing a shared Internet hosting account in which the company manages the majority of things. That's why we offer one more service for our hosting server plans called Installation & Troubleshooting and you can take full advantage of it any time you face any problems with the administration of your hosting server.

Installation and Troubleshooting in Dedicated Servers Hosting

If you require our upgrade for any reason, you could add it to your dedicated server with several mouse clicks through your billing CP or if you will require some custom work on the machine the instant it's put in place, you can get the upgrade during the signup process and tell us what do you require to be carried out, so everything will be ready once your machine is working. 60 minutes of custom work are added to your account each and every time you get the upgrade, so you can employ this service as frequently as you need. If some task needs less time to be completed, you won't lose the remaining minutes and they will be available for future tasks. Our upgrade will allow you to focus on building and advertising your sites without spending time on maintaining the dedicated web server or the software set up on it. You can take advantage of it if you also use our Managed Services upgrade, but the 30 minutes it comes with aren't enough to perform all of tasks which you require.